Sean Dodson Pic

Sean Dodson – Journalism Course Leader

“Grant is a supremely energetic, imaginative and reliable candidate. He has
consistently shown that he is capable of working across a range of
multimedia platforms on a range of diverse subjects. He is, moreover, a talented writer, with a keen mind and an admirable curiosity.

He is tenacious, resourceful and hardworking. To add to that, I would also commend Grant as a team player who has often helped his fellow students and has always been present when extra-curricular duties are called for.

Grant can take direction with a professional attitude, but also work unsupervised. Therefore, I have no hesitation is recommending him to you, Grant would be an asset to your team. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything further.”

Jenny Kean Pic

Jennifer Kean – Journalism Tutor

“Grant has been a delight to teach; he has an outgoing personality and has the ability to mix well with both his peers and his tutors. He is open and curious – an essential trait for any journalist. And he’s worked really hard to produce some very good pieces of journalism, including an investigative article.”


Charlotte Hemingway – Colleague

“Grant is always a pleasure to work with, he is enthusiastic and creative. He works well with others and always does his best to support his team members, he would be a valuable asset to your organisation.”


About whalley05

21 year old journalism student at Leeds Metropolitan University
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