Digital Business – Students Get More Site Launch

Haircuts, food, toiletries, while they don’t sound the most ominous items, they can eat through your bank balance faster than a fat Labrador. Coupled with living in a new city away from your parents, you have yourself a situation.

One possible solution is a new website being launched towards the end of 2012. The brainchild of John Hinchliffe, 28, is a website aimed specifically at students in Leeds. It will enable them to not only see what deals and discounts are available on a wide variety of things in their area, but also pin point specific places providing students with discount. Hinchliffe thinks the integration of maps with the site will be a huge benefit to students who don’t know where to look in a big new city, he said: “The site will allow people to categorise and filter deals based upon their geographical area and what they want. This will be a huge advantage for new students who have just moved to Leeds and don’t know where to go.” looks to offer students in Leeds deals and discounts ranging from free or cheap haircuts, cheap rates on household items, tickets for events and advice on the best places to go in the city. It is going to offer a diverse range of offers on products that are a big part of student life. Hinchliffe believes that offering a wide range of offers on products that students need will be the success of the site saying: “we want to stay away from the Groupon mentality and not just offer deals on whatever comes our way. We want to create an environment catered specifically for students.”

The site will go live in early 2012, followed shortly by apps for android and the apple app store. Initially targeted at the Leeds area, there are plans to expand into the big student cities, Hinchliffe plans to branch out into the Sheffield and Manchester area within the next six months.

The site will also operate in a way that differs from most of the other discount sites out there. It will generate profit through advertising driven through daily hits. Most sites generate profit through finders fees they attach to redeeming a deal. All of the deals on will be free to browse and access. John thinks this will keep people coming back to the site, he said, “We want to make sure that people return to our site, if not on a daily basis, then at least weekly. We will do this by making sure there are fresh deals available every day. If we were getting a finders fee through deals, we would become complacent and not update as much. Our way ensures the best deals for students as well as keeping the site up to date”. will be up and running towards the end of December with apps to follow shortly after.


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