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Digital Business – Leeds Online Application

Back in 1995, when The Daily Telegraph launched the first online newspaper, The Electronic Telegraph, the notion that online news would ever become more important than a daily national would have been met with trepidation. Now, with the circulation of … Continue reading

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Review – The Artist

Director: Michel Hazanavicius Starring: Jean Dujardain, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman, James Cromwell Running Time: 100 Minutes Release Date: 30th December 2011 Certificate: PG Synopsis The character of George Valentin is Hollywood’s biggest silent movie actor, yet the emergence of sound … Continue reading

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News – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Mood swings, irritability, decreased learning capacity and reduced short-term memory, just are a few side effects of heavy sugar consumption in children according to NHS studies. In addition, sugary drinks are one of the key contributors to obesity in children, … Continue reading

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News – The Boxing Bobby

Stone policeman Andy Whitehall has recently been awarded an MBE for services to young people following the establishment of boxing clubs to curb bad behavior in young people. His experience in the Staffordshire Police since 1989 inspired him to think … Continue reading

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Profile – Andrew Gilligan

“The day I knew that I had made it in journalism, is the day that I was invited to take part in a program called Celebrity Surgery, a reality show from the people who bought you, Operations Live”, jokes Andrew … Continue reading

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Digital Business – Students Get More Site Launch

Haircuts, food, toiletries, while they don’t sound the most ominous items, they can eat through your bank balance faster than a fat Labrador. Coupled with living in a new city away from your parents, you have yourself a situation. One … Continue reading

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Digital Business – What Does 4G Mean for Leeds?

4G is upon us, well, some of us, maybe at a little slower speeds than most had hoped for, nevertheless, it is here. Boasting speeds up to 10 times faster than current 3G services, 4G (standing for fourth generation mobile … Continue reading

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